Dimitri Hon is a multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer based in London, England.
Having worked for a number of award-winning magazines in the architecture and built-environment trade press as well as Art Directing East-London’s Dalstonist magazine/website, he has built an eclectic repertoire of magazine and digital experience for a diverse range of audiences.

A graduate of Camberwell College of Art (UAL, 2010), Dimitri went on to work at CHK Design, headed by renowned Designer Christian K├╝sters. There, he learned and developed an approach of thoughtful, visually articulate and effective design.

After that, he started working part-time at Property Week and soon ended up being the Art Editor, as well as working for the two other weekly magazines (Building, Building Design) owned by the same media company.

Then the revolution happened… A friend & colleague had started this little blog about things to do in East London called Dalstonist and it was starting to get big. Fast.
Dimitri jumped in, along with with another mate and the three of them holed-up in a tiny studio in Hackney and set about making Dalstonist magazine and making a very big push with the online presence…
What we ended up with was a print circulation of 15,000 and 70,000 unique online visitors per month. They did this with great, bespoke content, excellent journalism and a whole lot of hard work and late nights.
On January 4th 2016, three years to the day since the first story appeared on Dalstonist, they closed the doors.

Currently Dimitri is the Art Director and sole designer for an international events, online news and magazine company.